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Bend Don't Break

Sep 13, 2022

This week, Chief Neil Dubord is joined by  Nathan Kapler, who has his own podcast called Ten Thirty-Three,  where he tells some of his experiences through extremely challenging situations as a Police Officer. Nathan shares in his show how he learned to handle his emotions, and also deal with his own unresolved trauma.


In this episode, Chief Dubord speaks with Nathan about how he grew up in a small town in Northern Alberta wanting to be a caring and compassionate policeman. He shares the beginning of his career when he only was 21 years old,  and how, several years later,  his mental health started to suffer, developing PTSD and later, facing addiction. Nathan, bravely, openly, and unapologetically, shares his journey through PTSD, its origins, and its consequences, so others know they are not alone.


Key Takeaways:

[1:13] Nathan shares what motivated him to become a Police Officer.

[3:25] Nathan speaks about the early years of his career.

[5:01] Nathan talks about some of his first experiences when he was only 21 years old.

[6:41] Nathan elaborates on the impact that had on him to face other people’s trauma.

[8:42] Did Nathan have any tools to help him deal with his emotions?

[10:09] Nathan talks about what post traumatic stress was for him.

[10:52] Nathan confesses that what he thought was a healthy way of coping turned out not to be that way.

[12:01] How did Nathan get diagnosed with PTSD?

[13:27] Nathan confesses he did not know how to talk about his emotions.

[14:05] Nathan was a General Duty Police Officer from 2007 to 2011, and later entered a drug section until 2014 and then became part of the Federal Service Organized Crime.

[15:36] Nathan did not take any time off due to PTSD until 2017.

[16:03] Nathan talks about the treatment plan he started following when received the diagnosis of PTSD.

[18:30] Nathan talks about the most critical years for him: 2017/2018.

[20:53] Nathan explains how he became interested in medical cannabis to treat his symptoms while dealing with the stigma of cannabis being a drug.

[22:54] Nathan openly shares his problems with addiction.

[26:08] Nathan realized in 2019 that he has developed an addiction and that he needed to go on leave.

[28:18] Nathan openly shares the fears he had in regard to how his career would be impacted by taking time off to heal.

[30:16] Nathan chose to stop policing, he could not be a part of any more trauma.

[32:45] Nathan was off for two and a half years.

[34:13] Nathan shares his message: Embrace the vulnerability early on.

[35:41] Nathan gives his suggestions to everyone trying to own their own mental health.

[36:28] What does Nathan miss about the job?

[38:46] Nathan talks about his podcast: Ten Thirty-Three.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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